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  • chickenspiedinipic

    Chicken Spiedini

    Six boneless chicken breasts lightly breaded with panko, parmesan, and parsley. Covered with our chef"s freshly prepared zesty Italian tomato sauce, this dish is sure to please!

    6 Servings, 6 SmartPoints, Cal-257, Fat-13g, Sat fat-2g, Chol-65mg, Sodium-550mg, Carb-9g, Fiber-1g, Sugar-1g, Protein-26g

  • bistro filet pic

    Bistro Filet with Mushroom Peppercorn Sauce

    A TDB favorite! Two things that we love paired with this tender cut of beef… mushrooms and black pepper, complement each other in this decadent sauce. (Gluten-Free)

    6 servings, 6 SmartPts, Cal-212, Fat-12g, Sat fat-2.5g, Chol-60mg, Sodium-210mg, Carb-3g, Fiber-3g, Sugar-1g, Protein-23g

  • veggie_ench_1347614460

    Veggie Confetti Enchiladas

    A generous mix of Spanish rice , black beans, sweet corn, and sweet bell peppers tucked between flour tortillas. Finished with a slightly spicy enchilada sauce and Mexican cheese                                   blend.

    8 Servings, 7 SmartPoints, Cal-222, Fat-6g, Sat fat-4g, Chol-15mg, Sodium-360mg, Carb-33g, Fiber-3g, Sugar-2g, Protein-9g

  • beef-and-broccoli-stir-fry pic 281756397

    Beef and Broccoli Stir-Fry

    The secret’s in the sauce… ginger, soy and cilantro team up to make the winning combination.  Full of flavor, this dish is perfect over steamed rice. (Gluten-Free)

    6 Servings, 7 SmartPoints, Cal-196, Fat-4g, Sat fat-1g, Chol-35mg, Sodium-470mg, Carb-25g, Fiber-1g, Sugar-19g, Protein-15g

  • mymeatloaf

    Turkey Meatloaf with Sweet Tomato Glaze

    Not Yo' Mama's Meatloaf! Our chef's recipe is made with lean ground turkey and finely chopped garden vegetables. Served with a delectable, sweet-and-tangy tomato glaze.

    10 Servings, 8 SmartPts, Cal-254, Fat-10g, Sat fat-3g, Chol-126mg, Sodium-378mg, Carb-20g, Fiber-1g, Sugar-14g, Protein-21g

  • balsmicglaze

    Balsamic Pork Tenderloin

    A simple, but flavorful recipe that makes a naturally tender and tasty cut of meat even better. Drizzled with our own balsamic glaze. (Gluten-Free)

    6 Servings, 5 SmartPts, Cal-208, Fat-8g, Sat fat-2g, Chol-100mg, Sodium-330mg, Carb-2g, Fiber-1g, Sugar-1g, Protein-32g

  • chickencaprese

    Chicken Caprese

    Lightly breaded with panko and herbs then topped with Roma tomatoes, mozzarella and basil pesto. This lighter dish is ideal for a hot summer evening!

    6 Servings, 6 SmartPoints, Cal-247, Fat-15g, Sat fat-4g, Chol-70mg, Sodium-430mg, Carb-2g, Fiber-1g, Sugar-0g, Protein-26g

  • bbqpulled pork pic

    BBQ Pulled Pork

    The perfect BBQ recipe for your Crock-Pot or slow-cooker. Leftovers? Use this tender, shredded pork to make amazing sandwiches the next day. Take it to the next level with a                                     slice of jalapeño pepper jack. Served on a soft brioche bun. (Gluten-Free without bun)

    12 Servings, 13 SmartPts, Cal-411, Fat-15g, Sat fat-6g, Chol-50mg, Sodium-743mg, Carb-43g, Fiber-1g, Sugar-12g, Protein-26g

  • chicken-wild-rice-casserole-sl-x

    Call of the Wild Rice Chicken Casserole

    A family recipe that must be shared! Chunks of tender chicken are baked in a creamy mushroom soup base, loaded with a wild rice medley and finished with sliced almonds and                                 grated Parmesan.

    6 Servings, 10 SmartPoints, Cal-360, Fat-16g, Sat fat-2.5g, Chol-50mg, Sodium-975mg, Carb-32g, Fiber-2g, Sugar-6g, Protein-22g

  • teriyaki-salmon-recipe-4

    Teriyaki Salmon

    If you like salmon, you will love this lighter dish.  It will be one of the easiest and yet tastiest dinners you make.  Pairs well with broccoli and long grain & wild rice. (Gluten-Free)

    6 Servings, 9 SmartPoints, Cal-368, Fat-24g, Sat fat-4.5g, Chol-75mg, Sodium-420mg, Carb-4g, Fiber-0g, Sugar-2g, Protein-34g

  • war pig

    War Pig Burger

    This combination of lean ground pork, bacon, BBQ seasoning and spices served on a soft brioche bun will surely make your mouth water. Add BBQ sauce and a slice of pepper jack for                             the ultimate finish. (Gluten-Free without bun)

    6 Servings, 5 SmartPts, Cal-157, Fat-9g, Sat fat-4g, Chol-40mg, Sodium-195mg, Carb-9g, Fiber-1g, Sugar-2g, Protein-10g

  • loaded_breakfast_1282444865

    Loaded Breakfast Casserole

    Picture all of your breakfast favorites, like eggs, bacon, potatoes and sausage. Now imagine them mixed together and covered with cheesy corn flakes  for crunch.

    10 Servings, 9 SmartPts, Cal-251, Fat-15g, Sat fat-8g, Chol-76mg, Sodium-562mg, Carb-16g, Fiber-1g, Sugar-1g, Protein-13g

  • med106942 0311 cov tomato soup vert

    Tomato-Basil Bisque and Deluxe Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    Our twist on a timeless pair. The rustic tomato-basil soup goes perfectly alongside this hearty and delicious grilled cheese, stuffed with bacon, avocado, and three different types of cheeses.                           Makes a great lunch or dinner!

    6 Servings, 13 SmartPts, Cal-439, Fat-19g, Sat fat-8g, Chol-60mg, Sodium-660mg, Carb-47g, Fiber-4g, Sugar-0g, Protein-20g

  • cookies-and-cream-gooey-butter-cake-1

    Oreo Gooey Butter Cake

    The ultimate in gooey butter cakes, also known as "The Black and White." Your family will love this delicious spin on a St. Louis favorite!

    16 Servings, 14 SmartPts, Cal-325, Fat-13g, Sat fat-7g, Chol-56mg, Sodium-132mg, Carb-49g, Fiber-1g, Sugar-23g, Protein-3g

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